01 Apr 2013
Australian star David Skaines better known as Pierre In The Air, teams up with Ai Takekawa to bring us the gorgeous Cura, bringing home the delights for release eight-four on the Progresssive imprint! Warm and evocative tones from the duo make this a perfect outing for this strange spring of ours!

The Original vocal mix is a pure slice of feel good trance, simple yet poignant melodic bliss from the budding Australian producer! Warm, summer filled sounds to lift you from the cold that shadows the West! Takekawa's vocals are as sweet as her last outing, with blissful harmonies and a hook that is sure to touch you!

The dub is also provided for those non vocal lovers!

The eleven.five remix is the perfect answer to David's original on the flipside! Intelligent, finely crafted computer-game esque sounds weave in and out of the mix with meaning! The vocal is truly the icing on the cake adding to the crispy percussion, evocative synths and a very danceable outlook on the whole! Don't miss this one!