13 Aug 2012
Summer is upon us and in fitting fashion Alter Ego Music bosses Rory Gallagher & Luigi Palagano serve up the very emotive, mystical and sun-kissed, Es Vedra for release seventy!

We have three mouth watering remixes to boot as well from three very inform producers; LTN, Matt Bukovski & AYDA! In addition, we have a chillout mix to add to those perfect sunset moments.

The Original mix is a terraced styled beach anthem for the summer months! Dreamy, serene and exquisite thought provoking melodies from the Alter Ego heads. An abundance of energy, drive and emotion throughout with an insatiable top line that will leave you humming all day long! Don't miss this one!

Alter Ego favourite LTN hands in a superb remix once again and proves why he is a such a shining light in the scene! Silky grooves and lavish sounds, tailored inch perfect for the Ibiza months! This is essential!

Matt Bukovski stops by for a remix with his pure uplifting tones, taking Es Vedra from the beach to the club and in superb fashion!

Russian maestro AYDA completes the package in fine style with his electric rendition, adding some much needed intensity and drive to the unmistakable mystical chords of Es Vedra!