14 May 2012
Alexander Zhakulin makes a return to the progressive imprint for the first time this year serving up the goods for release fifty-three bringing us the delightful, Quarter of A Mile.

Sterling work from the Russian with his summer inspired progressive sound. In addition, we have a couple of first-rate remixes from newcomer Airdraw and techy progsters, Thomas Kelle & Martin Juha!

The original mix chugs along nicely under some extremely head-bopping grooves as well as its glittering and erratic melodies and funky bass line. Fantastic structure and tension builds throughout the track with an exhilarating feel to it! Don't miss this one from Alex!

Airdraw makes his debut on Alter Ego with a very dreamy rendition, keeping the bounce from the original but spicing it up with some enticing grooves and seductive warm sounds!

Thomas Kelle & Martin Juha round of the release in form with their more tech house mix, providing the goods for those deeper floors!