19 Apr 2010
This is the debut release on Alter Ego for the Hungarian youngster Mr.Kelle and he opens his account with us in style. Two great tracks that will definitely stay in the DJ boxes until the sunshine comes out to play! Hopefully this will get you in mood for the summer season which has officially started today. First up we have Subrowka, which has all the right progressive ingredients for a true summer sizzler. It boasts some very seductive plucks and a great moody bassline. With a real super melody this one will not disappoint! Pomelo, again showcases the fantastic talents of the young Hungarian, but is a little more relaxed and will work fantastically both on the ipod and on the dancefloors. A cute little melody coupled with some very quirky percs will definately have your head bopping away to this one! We are proud to present Thomas Kelle!!