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zachary zamarripa - strike a chord

Zachary Zamarripa - Strike A Chord
RELEASE DATE : 1st December 2008
LABEL : Amenta Records
Newcomer Zachary Zamarripa joins Amenta Records with the amazing sounds of Strike A Chord. An electro influenced progressive production with a massive feet moving groove. First up to remix Strike A Chord is Gabriel Lukosz aka Basic Perspective. This remix adds a great deal of drive to the release and a whole new bass line. This is a flawless production that works wonderfully well on any dance floor. The final remix in the package comes from production duo Elucidate. Their remix transforms Strike A Chord into a down beat tech trancer with fantastic results. A huge break is seamlessly blended with a deep groove and layers of synths.

track list

1 . Zachary Zamarripa - Strike A Chord (Original Mix)
2 . Zachary Zamarripa - Strike A Chord (Gabriel Lukosz Remix)
3 . Zachary Zamarripa - Strike A Chord (Elucidate Remix)