14 Nov 2011
Alter Ego Progressive returns with yet more fresh and exciting music for the winter months. Polish lad, Jakub Cichocki aka Silence Groove makes his debut and introduces himself like a seasoned pro with the mesmerisingly poignant EP 'Fallen Beauty'. Two tracks that groove with such ease and ooze with such emotion that makes you really wonder where Silence Groove has been hiding!

Fallen Beauty effortlessly forms harmony and a great expression of emotion with an extremely poignant set of sounds and melodies. Simple yet so effective Silence Groove hits all the right notes and takes you down a real thought provoking journey. Don't miss this one!

The Pursuit Of Happiness again shows off the skills of this new up and coming star. Blissful melodies, played out by lavish sounds, with thick textures over quirky rhythms and a gorgeous bottom end to top it off!

Don't miss either of these fantastic tracks from Silence Groove!