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cordonnier - majestic 12 out now

Cordonnier makes a welcome return to the Alter Ego stables with his aptly titled track Majestic 12. A very polished production by the talented Englishman who makes this his fourth original release on the label. On this occasion exhibiting a slightly more progressive edged sound, Cordonnier treats us with a warm, melodic and driving club mix.

In the wings we have Alter Ego starlet Solid Stone, who again provides a simply stunning remix and newcomer UDM hot of the heels of his debut release on Inov8. A mix to cater for everyone's tastes!

The Original mix has a fantastic drive and feel to it with a melody that will definitely keep you on your toes. Great tension building progressions throughout with a super powerful hook and great bass and percussive elements throughout. Cordonnier is back, don't miss this one!

Solid Stone again provides a knockout mix with a more deeper, big room feel than his last few outings. Big kicks and undertones pave the way, with a completely electric atmosphere building right the way through. The young Canadian smashes the breakdown to bits with a massive stadium styled lead which culminates into a fantastic climax! A definite must for those early sets!

UDM gives us a solid uplifting take on Majestic 12 with his own unique driving sounds, turning the original on its head and completing the package off superbly!