UDM Feat. Ange

Out Of Sight

Release Date : 27th Feb 2012
Limitless, think skydiving, think the ultimate rush, think invincible, untouchable. Try 'Out Of Sight'.

We present yet more new blood to the Inov8 stables, this time from Russian producer UDM who teams up with vocalist Ange for 'Out Of Sight'. Supplying release thirty-nine, the duo really bring the heat!

The original mix is a fantastic debut, a great showcase of whats to come from this man! Along with the gorgeous vocal fro Ange, this track is packed with an array of dreamy and divine sounds and heavenly melodies that are just designed for floating effortlessly. Peak time material!

UDM supplies a dub mix for those who don't fancy the vocal. An abundance of power and energy throughout with an incredible theme!

LTN's remix is a real crowd pleaser, combining lavish plucks, pianos, soaring pads and the very addictive vocal. Another great job from the rising Indonesian star! Don't miss it!

Ion Blue is back again with another fantastic full-on mix! Taking no prisoners Mr.Blue takes us through his paces with a delightful angelic approach! This mix will leave you breathless.

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