Under Every Shed Of Million Lights / Kirstine

Release Date : 11th Feb 2019
We welcome one of Alter Ego's finest artists with his first of hopefully many in his new progressive alias of Fraham. Non other than Jack aka Dreamy, with his second progressive release under this near alias and this time a double header with 'Under Every Shed Of Million Lights / Kirstine' This lovely little number brings in release 333 on Alter Ego Progressive. On remix duties we have Altran.

Both 'Under Every Shed Of Million Lights & Kirstine' have real emotion to them and you can tell that those melodies really have come from the heart. Both tracks have a great warmth to them with driving percussion, deep throbbing undertones, great atmospherics and above all a theme and breakdown that are glowing with emotion. Both tracks put you in the mood for that sunny beach somewhere.

Altran takes 'Under Every Shed Of Million Lights' and does what he does best by giving it the Altran style chunk and power, unbelieveable remix.

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