Releases Alter Ego Progressive

AEP344 : Darkmind - Perception


Providing the treasures for release 344 on Alter Ego Progressive is Swiss producers Darkmind, with their second release 'Perception'. 'Perception'...

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AEP343 : Warriors of Cheese - Tavistock


Alter Ego Progressive welcomes back UK based Ryan K this time under the completely new alias Warriors Of Cheese with his debut release 'Tavistock'...

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AEP342 : Drival - Anywhere


Providing a beast of a track for release 342 on Alter Ego Progressive is Spanish based producer Jordi Ramio Arevalo aka Drival with his debut release...

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AEP341 : Mobil - Breath


Bringing a little bit of sunshine for release 341 on Alter Ego Progressive is Ukrainian based Mobil with the beautifully crafted 'Breath'. A pure...

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AEP340 : iamMTN - Bottleneck EP


We welcome a brand new artist to the Progressive label with one hell of a debut EP. US based Travis Beeler aka iamMTN brings us the Bottleneck EP for...

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AEP339 : New Ordinance - Abyss


Providing the treasures for release 339 on Alter Ego Progressive is US newcomers Gray and Gozzi better know as New Ordinance, with their debut...

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AEP338 : Melbourne - Moments Like These


We welcome another new and exciting talent to surface out of the US, Michael Clark also known as Melbourne, with his debut track 'Moments Like...

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AEP337 : Aressa - Jehuty


We welcome and fresh new name and talent to the progressive imprint with his debut solo release. US based Anthony Rodriguez aka Aressa gives us the...

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AEP336 : Mahaputra - You Are Free


We welcome back Mahaputra to the progressive imprint after making a real impression with his debut single last year. Mahaputra brings in release 336...

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