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Yevgeniy Hrubashchuk (Orbion) is a rising star from the Ukraine. He is only 19 years old, but he announced himself to the world. Orbion started producing in 2011 and his debut began with his massive releases on Alter Ego which got supported from greatest producers: Markus Schulz, Rank1, Aly & Fyla and many others.

Now his tracks and remixes you can hear in the radioshow as Anjunabeats Worldwide, Vonyc Sessions and Euphonic Sessions.

Orbion focused mainly on dreamy, melancholy and sentimental epic & progressive trance.

Support:Armin van Buuren,Markus Schulz, Aly & Fila,Paul van Dyk, Myon & Shane 54, Rank1, Alex MORPH, Kyau & Albert,Richard Durand,Jorn van Deynhoven, Roger Shah, Mike Shiver, Fast Distance, MIKE.

releases, remixes, compilations

Rene Dale<br />Artist Focus 48
Rene Dale
Artist Focus 48
Various Artists<br />Progression, Vol. 4
Various Artists
Progression, Vol. 4
Various Artists<br />Progression, Vol. 2
Various Artists
Progression, Vol. 2
Various Artists<br />Alter Ego Trance, Vol. 17
Various Artists
Alter Ego Trance, Vol. 17
Kamil Esten<br />Midnight
Kamil Esten
Orbion<br />Penguin EP
Penguin EP
Various Artists<br />Orbion Remix Series, Vol. 03
Various Artists
Orbion Remix Series, Vol. 03
Various Artists<br />Alter Ego - Best of 2014
Various Artists
Alter Ego - Best of 2014
C-Systems<br />Artist Focus 28
Artist Focus 28
Vlad Krotov & Woodman feat Dana<br />Beauty of Life
Vlad Krotov & Woodman feat Dana
Beauty of Life
Various Artists<br />Alter Ego In Sharm el-Sheikh
Various Artists
Alter Ego In Sharm el-Sheikh
Jamie Knowles<br />Global Emotive
Jamie Knowles
Global Emotive
Orbion<br />Boomerang / Dynamite
Boomerang / Dynamite
Various Artists<br />Alter Ego Music Ibiza Essentials 02
Various Artists
Alter Ego Music Ibiza Essentials 02
Various Artists<br />Alter Ego Music Ibiza Essentials 01
Various Artists
Alter Ego Music Ibiza Essentials 01
Rene Dale pres STR84WARD<br />Sometimes
Rene Dale pres STR84WARD